4 Reasons to Consider a Dementia Care Home for Your Loved One

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Making the final decision to move a loved one into a dementia care home can be
difficult. A person with dementia will need increased levels of care over time as their
condition progresses, and it can be difficult to know if a care home is the right choice.

Although there are advantages to home care, a residential care home can provide
the specialist care that your loved one may need. Our dementia care homes in
Mansfield specialises in providing residents with personalised care and an activity
timetable suited to their individual needs so that they remain fulfilled and maintain
their quality of life.

In this post, we shed some light on the benefits of Newgate Lodge and how it can
bring comfort and care to people with dementia.

Enrichment through activities

At Newgate Lodge residents are supported to live an active and fulfilled life. Our
person-centred care supports residents to carry on doing the things they’ve always
loved; activities perhaps they thought they could no longer enjoy. So as part of our
community, they will be able to do some gardening – we have a greenhouse in the
courtyard, listen to music, play board games, watch their favourite sporting fixtures,
and participate in arts and crafts. We hold numerous events throughout the year; from
Christmas concerts to a local school choir coming to sing for the residents.

Interaction with fellow residents means less chance of feeling lonely and isolated.
Some of our residents attend the in-house hair-dressing salon together. It’s a lovely
way for them to bond and socialise.

Quality time with family and friends

We support residents, and their loved ones, to maintain their relationships and keep
their close connection through various digital platforms such as iPads and Facebook
Portal devices, which allow loved ones to see photos, send messages and share
videos. This means you can still communicate with residents no matter how far away
you may be.

At Newgate Lodge, we encourage family and friends to visit as often as possible. This
provides important continuity for your loved one and means that you can be
involved in their daily life. For instance, you can help them settle in by choosing
décor for their room, listening to music with them, reading with them helping them to
settle in by carrying out the daily tasks that you were doing with them when they
lived at home.

24-hour Specialist Dementia Care

Our philosophy of relationship-centred care means we train our team with additional
communication and observational skills to support the residents we care for. At
Newgate Lodge care staff and nurses work closely with the resident’s family and
friends to understand their life stories, allowing staff to provide the best possible
person-centred care. Understanding a resident’s past can greatly help with
reminiscing and day-to-day communication, as people living with different types of
dementia may remember things from decades ago while experiencing short-term
memory loss.

At Newgate Lodge, the team strives to make daily life as comfortable as possible for
residents at the point when they need 24-hour care. Simple building plans and the use of
colours on doors, carpets and corridors enable residents to recognise where they
are, allowing them to find their way more easily to their destination, as well as
reducing anxiety when feeling lost.

The environment is homely and maximises independence but also safety. Clear
signage, dementia-friendly furnishings and clearly defined areas all help residents be
both independent and secure.

The courtyard at Newgate Lodge is an essential sensory space; it includes features
and plants that stimulate the senses through touch, sight, taste, and hearing and
greatly benefits people living with dementia. The greenhouse is perfect for gardening
and also encourages residents to do physical exercise.

Familiarity is the key at Newgate Lodge; as a community, we feel it is important for
our residents to feel comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. The space is
light, airy, and open and the familiar faces encourage them to build relationships.

Looking for a dementia care home in Mansfield?

Our Newgate Lodge Care Home in Mansfield provides a warm and welcoming environment for elderly residents with dementia. We have been awarded the Dementia Quality Mark for providing excellent support to our residents.

If you’re considering suggesting a loved one of yours needs help dealing with their dementia, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.