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Residential, Dementia and Nursing Care

Lidder Care provides a consistently high standard of person-centred care across our group of care homes encompassing respect and dignity for our residents. We strive to provide forever homes, offering stability and consistency for residents in our care.

The key values of Lidder Care are:

L – Loyalty – putting our residents at the forefront of every decision made.

I – Independence – enabling and promoting our residents to be as independent as possible.

D – Dignity – valuing every resident’s individuality and always respecting their privacy and values.

D – Dedicated – management and staff teams providing the highest standard of quality care.

E – Empathy – taking an empathetic approach to care.

R – Respect – actively listening to and respecting our staff, residents, and their families.


C – Caring – ensuring our residents have the best quality of life by providing excellent care.

A – Approachable – welcoming and approachable management and staff teams.

R – Reassuring – being compassionate and understanding throughout our care homes.

E – Enriching – enriching the lives of our residents by offering support in safe environments.

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About Lidder Care

Dr Jas Lidder

Dr Lidder


Manjas Lidder

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Laura Quince Home Manager

Laura Quince

Home Manager
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Chris Morrisson

Home Manager
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Lee Swinn

Deputy Manager
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Maggie Blower

Deputy Manager
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Tanya Meason

Care Coordinator
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Yvonne Clarke lead administrator

Yvonne Clarke

Lead Administrator
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Jo York

Lead Administrator
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Matt Barke Head of Maintenance

Matt Barke

Head of Maintenance
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Sharon Luckcuck

Head Cook
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Diane Webb

Head of Housekeeping
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Aimee Barry

Head Housekeeper
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Why Choose Us?

Residential, Dementia and Nursing Care

Residential Care

Residential Care is designed for someone who is still independent of spirit but, as they are getting older, finds it more difficult to manage some of the necessities of life.
Residential Care

Nursing Care

Lowmoor Nursing Home has a full clinical team consisting of a Registered Manager, Deputy Manager, Clinical Lead Specialist Nurse and complemented by in house Registered General Nurses and Registered Mental Health Nurses.
Nursing Care

Dementia Care

Dementia care is designed for those who need greater support in a care home environment in order to stay safe and maintain a good quality of life.
Dementia Care

Newgate Lodge

Newgate Lodge Care Home is a purpose built residential home conveniently located near Mansfield Town Centre and within close proximity to the picturesque settings of Sherwood Forest and Newstead Abbey.
Newgate Lodge >


Our Facilities

Our home offers 60 single en-suite rooms individually decorated to our service user’s personal choices offering a homely environment respecting individual preferences.
Newgate Facilities >


Our Facilities

Lowmoor Nursing Home has a full clinical team consisting of a Registered Manager, Deputy Manager, Clinical Lead Specialist Nurse and complemented by in house Registered General Nurses and Registered Mental Health Nurses.
Lowmoor Facilities >


Lowmoor Nursing Home is situated in the market town of Kirkby-in-Ashfield with good bus, rail and road links and only a short journey to the picturesque settings of Newstead Abbey and Sherwood Forest.
Lowmoor >

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  • "A clean and up to date environment, always very welcoming, someone always available if we need to talk. Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law live in Newgate Lodge. My mother-in-law is upstairs and my father-in-law is downstairs. Both have their needs met really well and the staff have genuine care and respect for them both."

    Rating: 5 stars | August 2019

    Pamela C Daughter-in-law of Resident
  • "My grandma has been at Newgate Lodge for a few years. It does not feel like a care home. It feels like Grandma's home. The staff love and care for the residents and do everything they can to make their stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. The residents are treated with dignity and care each and every day. The relatives are also made very welcome and we feel part of the family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Newgate Lodge Care Home."

    Rating: 5 Stars | July 2019

    Sarah E Granddaughter of Resident
  • "My husband and I have visited a resident since she arrived and have been very impressed by the care and support, she and other residents' receive. Although she is deaf and cannot speak she is never ignored and is included in things that can be difficult in her case. Residents seem relaxed and well cared for. It's like a big happy caring family. We have visited other care homes and this is certainly the best."

    Rating: 5 star | August 2019

    Joan J Friend of Resident
  • "My brother is very happy to live here. He is well cared for and gets on well with everyone including the staff. I find all the staff very caring and always willing to help. All the staff are always pleasant when I visit. Myself being a carer for 28 years I would highly recommend this care home to anyone needing care."

    Rating: 5 Star | July 2019

    Teresa S Sister of Resident
  • "We required urgent care for my father in law. I went to look around. The home was clean and beautifully presented. The member of staff who took all the details was kind, professional and understanding. My father in law arrived the following day. A carer immediately advised that the dementia unit would not be appropriate so he lives downstairs and only sleeps upstairs in the dementia unit. The home manager is excellent and supportive of the difficulties between my husband and his brother. We can visit when we wish. There has been a marked improvement in improvement in both my father in law's physical and mental health."

    Rating: 4.9 Stars | July 2019

    C S Daughter-in-law of Resident
  • "The manager and staff have gone way beyond the extra mile in duty of care for my brother and consideration of my circumstances that have required sensitivity and cooperation throughout and in the arrangements for his funeral today, for which I owe a great debt of gratitude to all staff past and present. Special thanks and commendation to the management on behalf of all family and friends."

    Rating: 5 stars | December 2019

    Barbara D Sister of Resident
  • "Whilst visiting a family friend, the reception staff were very welcoming and the activities coordinator was very friendly. I noticed the staff were very attentive and caring and whilst I was sitting, I had a look through some photographs of the residents taking part in activities and I am amazed at how much is on offer. It is very comforting to know that such an effort is being made. Thank you."

    Rating: 5 stars | October 2019

    S W Friend of Resident
  • "The improvements that have been made to there service is excellent. People are well cared for, staff super friendly and manager works hard all the time, even covering weekends. She is amazing and dedicated to the residents and staff team...Well done to all of you. You make a real difference to people's lives."

    Rating: 5 stars | October 2019

    Daryll G Friend of Resident
  • "My partner came to Lowmoor from hospital suffering from dementia. She has been a resident since December. She is well looked after, clean and the staff interact well with her. When I visit I am made to feel welcome and am given regular updates as to her wellbeing. Couldn't ask for anything else from all the care home team."

    Rating: 5 stars | October 2019

    P F Partner of Resident
  • "I have been visiting Lowmoor Nursing Home on a weekly basis for the last 2 years and find the home clean, homely and the staff very caring and friendly. The manager seems friendly and is always willing to talk through any problems concerning my brother-in-law. There is always some sort of activity going on, birthday party, afternoon tea, pancake day, Halloween etc. Anything to celebrate and they will do it. The residents love to join in the celebrations and those who are able, have a little dance. They even bring a singer in to entertain them. In my opinion, Lowmoor is a nice friendly home and I feel the residents are well cared for."

    Rating: 4.5 stars | October 2019

    Joan W Sister of Resident


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