What is Christmas like at our Lowmoor Care home?

There are more residents in care homes than ever before this Christmas, spending what is traditionally a family celebration away from their loved ones. Christmas at Lidder Care is a close-knit, [...]

3 Things to Look out for when choosing the right care home

Finding a care home for a loved one can be an emotional and difficult decision. There are many factors to take into consideration when embarking on this journey. As a relative, you often question [...]

Resident-friendly days out near our Mansfield care home

  Here at Lidder Care we know that finding a day out can be tough when potentially being restricted by mobility issues. Whether it’s to enjoy the local area, to help with your mental [...]

What Is The Food Like At Our Care Home In Mansfield?

Here at Newgate Lodge, we recognise how important mealtimes are to our residents. The added structure that they give to our residents is irreplaceable. As far as nutrition goes, we are grateful [...]

A Day In The Life At Our Mansfield Care Home

Day-to-day life in our Mansfield care home, Newgate Lodge, is as comfortable as you could ever imagine. We pride ourselves here at Lidder care on providing a consistently high standard of care [...]

Activities We Put On for Residents at Our Care Home in Mansfield

 At Liddercare, we recognise how important it is that our residents are stimulated and have a fulfilling life in our care. Our Newgate Lodge care home in Mansfield encourages an atmosphere of fun [...]

The Importance of Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care plans are personalised documents for each person receiving nursing care and contain information about their medical conditions and treatments. Here are a few reasons why nursing care [...]

What Are Nursing Care Plans?

Nursing Care Plans are personalised clinical documents put together for people in nursing care designed to provide direction on the care that they need. Nursing Care Plans are important to ensure [...]

Residential Home vs Nursing Home

When you’re looking for a care home for you or your loved one it’s important to be aware of the different types of care homes and what level of care they offer as this can make your search for [...]

Residential Care Home vs Home Care

Residential care and home care each have their own advantages, here are a few reasons why you might want to choose a care home over receiving care in your own home. 24 Hour Residential Care [...]

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