How to Make a Birthday Special in Residential Care

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When someone you love lives in a care home, their birthday is a chance to make them feel extra special. Some folks think it’s tricky, but at Lidder Care, we’re full of ideas to celebrate in fun and meaningful ways.

Getting Loved Ones Involved

  • Invite Family and Friends: Nothing beats spending time with loved ones on a birthday. If possible, ask family and friends to visit the care home for a small party. If they can’t come in person, setting up a video call or sending a video message can still make the day special.

Make Their Space Festive

  • Decorate the Room: A few decorations can transform their room and brighten their day. Think about hanging up some balloons, banners, or strings of lights. It’s a lovely way to make their personal space feel festive.

Let Everyone Know

  • Announce the Special Day: Putting up a birthday sign on their door or giving them a birthday badge to wear helps spread the cheer. This way, staff and other residents can join in wishing them a happy birthday.

The Classic Cake and Song

  • Birthday Cake Celebration: A birthday isn’t complete without a cake and the “Happy Birthday” song. Organise a cake and gather everyone around to sing and celebrate. The care home staff can help with the arrangements.

Plan Activities They’ll Love

  • Special Activities: Think about what your loved one enjoys and plan activities around that. It could be anything from a board game marathon, watching their favourite film, enjoying a meal outdoors if the weather’s nice, or even a little quiz about things they love.

At Lidder Care, we understand the importance of making birthdays feel just as special as they would outside the care home. We’re here to help make these celebrations memorable. For more ideas or information on how we can assist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.