Making A Birthday In Residential Care Special

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When you have a loved one living in residential care, it’s important to make their birthday special. However, a lot of people assume this to be a more complex task than it is. At Lidder Care, we encourage friends and families to celebrate the birthday of a loved one in a range of different ways.


How to Celebrate a Birthday for Someone in Residential Care

  • Invite Friends and Family to Visit – A lot of people value spending time with their friends and family on their birthday, even those in a residential home, as it shows they are loved and cared for. If possible, invite loved ones to visit the residential care home and join in the birthday celebrations. If they are unable to attend, you could arrange a video call or a pre recorded message to pass on birthday wishes. 


  • Decorate Their Room – To ensure the day is a special one, decorate their room with balloons and other birthday decorations. You could hang banners, bunting or garlands. Going out and about isn’t an option for many people in residential care, but this is a good way to change the scenery and make their living space special. 


  • Let Everyone Know It’s Their Special Day – By putting a birthday sign on their door or giving them a badge to wear, you can let everyone know that it’s their special day. With everyone knowing it’s their birthday, they are sure to get birthday wishes throughout the day.


  • Organise a Cake and Everyone Singing Happy Birthday – If possible, organise a cake and arrange for everyone in the residential care home to sing happy birthday to them. This is something that staff will be able to assist with. It’s the ideal way to ensure they are centre of attention for part of their day. 


  • Plan Special Birthday Activities – A birthday should be a day unlike any other, so plan special birthday activities. You don’t need to arrange anything too extravagant or unusual, but plan something to make the day a memorable one. You could organise games, a showing of their favourite film, a lunch outside or a quiz.


At Lidder Care, we know how important it is to make time spent in residential care special. When it comes to birthdays, we do everything we can to make the day a memorable one. To find out more about Lidder Care and the work we do, get in touch.