Planning Your Residential Care Move

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Moving from living at home into a care environment can be overwhelming.  Often though it’s in the best interests of a loved one to move into residential care and on doing so their quality of life and social interaction improve dramatically. The task of planning and organising often falls to the immediate loved ones of those moving into full time care and hence a move into residential care requires planning and patience, as you will want to select the right care home and make the move as easy as possible for those involved. A successful move requires research, positivity and collaboration.


Top Tips for Planning a Move Into Residential Care

Though moving into a residential care home can be daunting for the individual, it can also be daunting for families. As a family member, there is a lot to think about when you are organising a move into residential care. We have listed some of our top tips to help you out with planning.


  • Involve the Individual – It’s important to involve the person who is moving into the residential care home in the moving process. Their thoughts and feelings should be taken into account, as they will be the one living there. Though they may not have the mental capacity to make the final decision about the move itself, their views should be considered and taken on board throughout.


  • Be Positive and Upbeat – Moving into a care home can be daunting, so remain as upbeat and positive as possible. Focus on the benefits that moving into a care home in Nottingham has, such as an excellent level of care and a great deal of independence. They are bound to have some worries, but seeing that their loved ones are positive can make a big difference.


  • Research Different Care Homes – There are a lot of different care homes to choose from, all of which will offer something slightly different. Take the time to research different care homes in the area, their level of care, their staff and the facilities that they offer. This will provide peace of mind that your loved one will receive the care they need, which means you can then focus on other aspects of planning the move.


Care Homes in Nottinghamshire

If you are looking for care homes in Nottinghamshire, you have come to the right place. At Lidder Care, we offer an excellent level of care and do everything we can to ensure everyone’s stay is an enjoyable one. Speak to the Lidder Care team about planning a residential move. Contact us today to find out more.