Talking To Your Loved Ones About Care

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Whether you are in need of care yourself or you are seeking care for someone else, there is nothing easy about talking to loved ones about care. It is a topic that many of us try to avoid for as long as possible and understandably so, but it doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable conversation. Going into care is a difficult subject matter for anyone to broach, but knowing the essential things to cover can make everything a little easier. Here are some of the key things to talk about when you are choosing a care home


Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Care Home

  • What Type of Care Do You Need? – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all care homes are the same, as individual care homes will provide different levels of care. It’s important to think about the level of care that you currently need, as well as the type of care you could need in the future. You may need residential care, dementia care or nursing care. Talk honestly to loved ones about what you need from a care home.
  • Does The Care Home Have Vacancies? – Though you may have a care home in mind, it’s important to know that it has vacancies. If it does not currently have any vacancies, find out how long the waiting list is. You may find it helpful to have another care home in mind, in the event that your chosen care home doesn’t have room when the time comes.


  • What Have Recent Inspections Said? – Regardless of whether you are going into a care home yourself or you are choosing a care home for a loved one, reading the most recent CQC inspection reports is key. This will provide peace of mind that you will receive a high level of care. Find out as much as you can about the facilities provided and consider whether the care home ticks every box. 


At Lidder Care, we know how important choosing the right care home is. That is why we do everything we can to ensure our homes and staff offer an unmatched service. We provide an excellent level of care and actively encourage independence, as we want individuals to truly enjoy their time with us. To find out more about Lidder Care and the work we do, get in touch with our friendly team.