4 Reasons to Consider a Dementia Care Home for Your Loved One

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Making the decision to move a loved one into a dementia care home can be tough. A person with dementia will need increased levels of care over time as their condition progresses, and it can be difficult to know if and when a care home is a right choice. 

Here at Lidder Care, we recognise that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to caring for a loved one with dementia. Although there are advantages to home care, a residential care home can provide the specialist care that your loved one may need. Our dementia care homes in Mansfield specialise in providing residents with personalised care and activity plans suited to their individual needs, meaning that they can remain fulfilled and maintain their quality of life. 

In this blog post, we shed some light on the benefits that care homes bring to people with dementia.

1. Dementia care home residents receive support 24 hours a day 

At any time of the day or night, staff will be on hand to provide 24-hour support as needed. Whether or not residents in a dementia care home will immediately need 24-hour care, it’s reassuring to know that they will be looked after should the situation arise.

2. Regular visiting hours mean more quality time spent with your loved one

Family members and caregivers often think that once their loved one moves into a care home, they are missing out on time spent with them.

However, with a compassionate team of professionals offering around-the-clock care, it frees up quality time for you to spend with your loved one without the pressure of being their primary carer. 

Regular activities are also provided so that visiting hours are dedicated to connecting and spending quality time with your loved one.

3. Dementia patients get access to enriching activities 

Social interaction and enriching activities for residents help your loved one fill their days with things they enjoy. Activities help your family member discover old hobbies and socialise with other residents, which assists with combatting loneliness.

4. Dementia care homes provide specialist care 

As dementia progresses, it can be an increasing challenge to provide the support needed to care for your loved one at home. However, care homes are equipped with specialise equipment and trained staff to deal with the more complex needs of a person with dementia. 

With their bespoke care packages, dementia care homes can tailor support given to each individual.

Looking for a dementia care home in Mansfield?

Our Newgate Lodge Care Home in Mansfield provides a warm and welcoming environment for elderly residents with dementia. We have been awarded the Dementia Quality Mark for providing excellent support to our residents.

If you’re considering suggesting a loved one of yours needs help dealing with their dementia, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.