Activities We Put On for Residents at Our Care Home in Mansfield

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 At Liddercare, we recognise how important it is that our residents are stimulated and have a fulfilling life in our care. Our Newgate Lodge care home in Mansfield encourages an atmosphere of fun and inclusion. We have a dedicated full-time Activities Co-ordinator who provides a great range of stimulating, person-centered activities to encourage our elderly residents to socialise.

But what activities are available and how do we personalise them to each resident’s interests? 

Find out more about the activities available at Newgate Lodge Residential Care Home.


Personalised Activity Plans

At Newgate Lodge care home, every resident fills out a “this is me” booklet where we learn the individual needs and interests of each individual. By using these resources, it allows us to tailor the activities we hold to nourish existing interests residents have while also creating new passions.

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Facilities in Newgate Lodge

There are many facilities available in Newgate Lodge in-house that add to the variety of activities a resident can partake in. This includes an on-site hair salon regularly hosted by professional hairdressers where they can go and get pampered to feel their very best.

There is also a resident-run tuck shop offering confectionery, favourite soft drinks and even celebration cards for fellow residents or friends and family. 

Alongside these facilities, we also have a multi-faith lounge hosted regularly by professionals and a beautiful garden featuring multiple areas for residents to relax and take in nature.


Activities in Newgate Lodge

Within our Mansfield care home itself, we hold many activities to keep the residents fulfilled and entertained. This includes the opportunities to take part in arts and crafts, baking, gardening, and music. 

Newgate Lodge is delighted to have regular visits from entertainers provided by activity specialists ‘Lost Chord’ including vocalists, classic musicians, dancers and even a mobile zoo!

Establishments such as the British Legion and the local police have also visited, providing fascinating conversations and allowing residents to reminisce on their own knowledge of the sector.

Offsite Activities for Residents

Alongside a large number of onsite activities, we also encourage outings for residents to get a change of scenery and partake in exciting activities outside of Newgate Lodge.

This includes outings such as visits to the theatre, garden centres, the coast, shopping trips, boat trips, dining out and more. By promoting more activity within the community, it helps residents to feel less isolated and gives them a chance to socialise within a different environment. It also encourages the continuation of existing passions that may not be able to be satisfied as much onsite within the care home.


Family Involvement in Resident Activities

Alongside encouraging socialisation and friendship between the residents, we encourage the promotion of relationships within family units and existing friends outside of Newgate Lodge by inviting visitors to also take part in the care home’s activities.


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