How To Choose The Perfect Care Home For Your Family

Choosing a care home is a huge decision to make, so it’s important to know that you’ve picked the perfect place where you or your loved one will be happy. It’s also important that you’ve chosen a home that will make the transition is as smooth as possible. We’ve created a guide of the things to look out for when choosing a care home, to ensure complete peace of mind with your decision:


Specialised Care Types

There are many different types of care, each offering different levels of support. For some residents this additional care is a vital part of their daily lives. Types of care plans include residential, dementia and nursing care. Your care home should created a tailored plan around each resident, recognising individual abilities and encouraging independence to help residents remain in control of their daily lifestyle.


Location & Facilities

Facilities and a beautiful setting can make all the difference. Stunning gardens, outdoor seating areas and alfresco dining can give residents access to a rich outdoor environment that will enhance their life. Inside, comfortable seating, spacious living areas and spaces to participate in activities ensure that residents will be stimulated and lead a fulfilling life at the care home. Many care homes also utilise a sensory/tactile garden built especially for those living with dementia. The calming environment allows dementia residents to safely explore and stimulate all five senses.


Excellent Understanding Of Nutrition

Mealtimes are a fundamental part of residents’ lives. A great care home will pay careful attention to the nutritional makeup of their meals – providing delicious seasonal meals that are homemade and cooked fresh with locally sourced ingredients. Care homes should work closely with nutritionists to create meals that offer the correct calorie and nutritional content, as well as catering to any special needs of residents.


Welcoming Family And Friends

Staying connected to loved ones is an important part of anyone’s well being, especially when making such a big change in their life. A good care home will be a welcoming place to friends and families, letting them visit at any time of the day and encouraging them to be a part of meal times and activities where possible. 


Personalising Your Space

It’s important that residents feel like they have their own private space, and that their care home is somewhere they feel truly comfortable. Allowing residents to bring their favourite items and decorate their rooms to suit their personal tastes makes the adjustment of moving all that more easier! 


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