The Importance of Good Nutrition in Care Homes

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Ensuring that residents have a nutritious and well balanced diet is a crucial part of providing support in care homes. Essentially, the food and drink that we consume has a direct correlation to our health, well being and fundamentally our quality of life. At Lidder Care, we understand the importance of good nutrition in care homes and we are focused on providing our residents with a wholesome and healthy diet.

The Benefits of Good Nutrition for Care Home Residents

There are a variety of benefits associated with consuming a balanced diet and for care home residents it will help to:

Provide Energy and The Necessary Amount of Nutrition

We are all encouraged throughout our lifetimes to consciously eat a healthy and well balanced diet and the same is true, if not more important, for those of us that are elderly. Consuming the right foods helps our residents to feel energized and in good health.

Aid in Preventing Malnourishment

Malnutrition can have a serious impact on elderly residents in care homes. With the help of our staff, catering team and dieticians, we are able to implement a tailored and structured diet, ensuring that each resident is getting the right amount of nutrients they need.

Keep Care Home Residents Interested in Food

Naturally, our appetites become reduced with age and maintaining an interest in food can be a challenge. We use a daily menu board, offering varied and healthy meals and we support our residents to choose the meal that they want to eat. We feel that by giving our residents the choice helps to keep them engaged with the food that they are eating.

Drink Regularly and Stay Hydrated

Water and staying hydrated is also a crucial part of the well-balanced diets we provide for our residents. Staff promote hydration by reminding and encouraging residents to drink water and we also supplement with our liquids such as tea and juice. At dinner time, residents can also enjoy dining with a glass of wine at our in house pub, should they wish to do so.

Nutrition for Residential, Dementia and Nursing Care

Our care home catering team pride themselves on using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to prepare expertly thought through and well-balanced meals for our residents to enjoy. We understand that everybody has different tastes and preferences and in light of this we cater for a range of specific dietary requirements including dairy/glucose intolerance, diabetic, coeliac and kidney disease.

At Lidder Care, mealtimes are a special and social occasion, and we encourage our staff and residents to eat together. In addition to this, should there be a special occasion, we welcome close friends and family to book meals and celebrate together.

Find Out More About the Nutrition We Provide at Our Care Homes

At Lidder Care, we pride ourselves on providing nutritional standards of the highest level with the wellbeing of our guests at the heart of everything we do. To find out more about the nutrition at our care homes in Nottingham, get in touch with the Lidder Care team.