The Importance of Nursing Care Plans

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Nursing care plans are personalised documents for each person receiving nursing care and contain information about their medical conditions and treatments. Here are a few reasons why nursing care plans are important.

Continuity of Care

Care plans go into detail about medication, treatments, cognition and much more all in one place to make the information readily available, ensuring that all the staff know the personal requirements for those in their care. It also ensures there is communication between carers, support workers and relatives on their existing conditions, treatments and a place for relative communication and hospital letters to be stored.

Quality Nursing Care

We regularly update and review care plans to ensure that the planned treatments and information are all accurate and represent the changing requirements of our residents. Care plans are reviewed with support workers and relatives to ensure we communicate with both and ensure everyone is happy with the care being delivered. Care plans also ensure that everything is documented to help with quick decision making.

Quality of Life

Care plans also include each person’s personal wishes and abilities so they can still do things for themselves where appropriate, this maintains independence. They can also be addressed how they wish, and staff can communicate with the resident in a way that best suits their preferences. Not everyone in care will have the same abilities and preferences so the care plan ensures that these are communicated to all care staff.

Nursing Care Plans

Lowmoor Nursing Home in Kirkby-in-Ashfield is a nursing home for residents with complex medical conditions, physical care needs advanced dementia and challenging behaviour. Our holistic care plans ensure that residents receive the best care, to speak to the friendly team please call 01623 752288 or email