How to Make Easter in Residential Care Special (With Examples)

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Stuck for ideas on how to make Easter egg-stra special for a loved one in residential care? Don’t fret! Whether you’re miles away or planning a visit, this post is brimming with brilliant tips and activities to create a joyful Easter celebration they won’t forget. From virtual fun to room decorations and sensory delights, we’ll show you how to bring the Easter spirit right to their doorstep (or screen) and create lasting memories.

Plan a Visit or Catch Up


At the moment, planning an in person visit is difficult due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing. However, that won’t always be the case. It’s always a good idea to visit loved ones in residential care on a special occasion or holiday and it’s a day for everyone to look forward to. If you are unable to visit in person, consider organising a video call or telephone call instead. Don’t let the distance stop you from catching up and spending time together.

Video Call Fun

If distance separates you, transform your video call into an Easter extravaganza!

  • Dress up in silly bunny hats or use a festive Easter-themed virtual background.
  • Instead of just talking, share a virtual Easter basket: show off old family photos, read a childhood Easter story together, or even “hide” digital Easter eggs on-screen for them to find, sparking laughter and happy memories.

Gift with a Twist

Go beyond the usual sweets and aim for gifts that offer lasting comfort or spark joyful interaction. Consider:

  • A super-soft, cuddly blanket in a springtime colour.
  • A framed collage of loved ones with a cheerful “Happy Easter” message.
  • A simple, personalised item like a mug with their name and a cute Easter design, making their daily tea extra special.

“Decorate” Together

Reach out to the care home staff beforehand and ask if you can bring some simple Easter decorations to personalise your loved one’s room. This shared activity fosters a sense of celebration and ownership:

  • Offer colourful paper chains or cut-out egg shapes they can help colour or arrange.
  • Bring a small potted plant with spring flowers for a touch of nature.
  • Let them choose where to place a few cheerful decorations, turning it into a fun bonding moment.

Organise Easter Activities

Care home activities for residents

More often than not, you will find that the residential care home itself will organise an Easter activity or two. However, you may want to go one step further and organise something yourself. The activity you choose will depend on what your loved one likes to do, but Easter crafts are a good place to start. If you are thinking about organising an Easter activity for someone in residential care, speak to the care home team for assistance, but we’ve outlined some ideas below to get you started.

Craft Time

Get those creative juices flowing with simple yet delightful Easter-themed crafts.

  • Decorate egg-shaped picture frames to be filled with photos of loved ones.
  • Make festive Easter bonnets for a mini-parade around the care home (even a short hallway stroll counts!) This is wonderful for those who enjoy a bit of fun dressing up.
  • Paint simple wooden bunnies or chicks, focusing on the enjoyment of colour and texture.
  • Make colourful salt-dough ornaments in Easter shapes to hang in their room.

Key: Ask the care home about adaptations for anyone with mobility or dexterity limitations.

Music & Memories

Use the power of music to evoke happy times and emotions.

  • Play a selection of classic Easter hymns or any cheerful songs your loved one enjoys.
  • Encourage reminiscing – ask about their favourite Easter memories from childhood or past celebrations.
  • If they enjoy singing or used to be in a choir, provide lyrics to spark participation.
  • Consider creating a personalised playlist on a phone or tablet for future enjoyment.

A Sensory Spring

Awaken the senses and bring a bit of the cheerful springtime indoors.

  • Let them smell the fresh scent of daffodils, hyacinths, or a sprig of rosemary (great for touch too!).
  • Provide different fabrics to touch – fuzzy like a chick, smooth and cool like an egg, or a silky ribbon.
  • Play a recording of birdsong or gentle spring rain for a calming atmosphere.
  • Offer tastes of light springtime treats, like lemon biscuits or fruit salad.

Additional Ideas:

  • Easter Story Time: Read an age-appropriate Easter story or children’s book with bright illustrations.
  • Card Creations: Make colourful handmade Easter cards with messages from family and friends.

Send a Card or Gift


Who doesn’t like to receive cards and gifts in the post? Sending a card or gift not only shows that you are thinking of them, but it’s a sure fire way to put a smile on someone’s face. You could send drawings from grandchildren, cakes you have baked, an Easter card or an Easter themed present.


Go beyond visiting and build a relationship with the care home itself.

  • Contact the activities coordinator and see if you can brainstorm ideas specifically tailored to your loved one’s interests. Do they love gardening? Perhaps share Easter-themed flower seeds. Were they an avid baker? Offer a simple recipe and baking supplies.
  • Donate simple craft items like colourful paper, stickers, and safe scissors for group Easter projects.
  • If you have a particular skill (music, storytelling, etc.), offer to lead a short, resident-friendly activity during the Easter season.

Letters of Love

Small gestures of love create a lasting impact.

  • Enlist the help of children to create cheerful drawings, cards, or simple handwritten notes full of “Happy Easter” wishes. This intergenerational aspect is very heartwarming.
  • Reach out to friends and extended family, encouraging them to send short handwritten notes or postcards – the surprise of getting “real” mail is always special.
  • Ask the care home if they might set-up a cheerful collection basket where these well-wishes can be dropped, adding to the festive feel.

Making Every Day Special

Easter is a wonderful focus, but small gestures brighten lives throughout the year.

  • Adapt these ideas for different occasions: bring autumn leaves or a pinecone for a nature craft during a fall visit, send a “Happy Birthday” card filled with colourful confetti, or share summer flower photos on a winter day.
  • Encourage a mindset of consistent warmth: A random weekday phone call or a “thinking of you” card out of the blue can spark as much joy as big celebrations.

At Lidder Care, we do everything we can to ensure special occasions are marked and celebrated in residential care, and Easter is no exception. Not only do we acknowledge Easter and the long weekend, but we make the day special in any way that we can. To find out more about Lidder Care and the service we provide, get in touch with our helpful team