What is Nursing Care?

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Defining Nursing Care

Nursing care involves consistent, round-the-clock support provided by highly trained and qualified nurses on a 24/7 basis. Nursing care is tailored for individuals with complex care needs, aiming to maintain good health, help recovery and prevention of illness and injury, alleviate pain, and treat medical symptoms.

Understanding nursing care can be challenging, which is why many families want to understand more before choosing the right nursing home for a loved one.

Core Responsibilities of Nurses

The key responsibilities of nurses in a nursing home is to keep residents as healthy as possible. As is commonly known, nurses perform an invaluable role to everyone, especially those in nursing care, their loved ones, and the wider community.

Typically, a nurse’s duties will consist of assessing individuals and understanding more about residents under their care, planning and delivering care and monitoring the residents’ progress.

Nurses are a major contributor towards the creation of care assessments. These person- centred care plans are consistently reviewed, monitoring factors such as mobility, diet and safety.

A Registered Nurse will provide physical and emotional support to residents and their families. They will ensure the nursing team uphold the highest standards of care and promote dignified, compassionate care. Nurses in nursing care environments will liaise with other medical professionals, families, hospitals, GPs, and other necessary departments. They deal with their role responsibly, with patience, compassion and leadership.

Long term care facilities and Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are the most popular place to receive nursing care as they cater for individuals with a deeper levels of care needs. They also allow residents to continue socialising with others and engage in activities whilst receiving the highest quality care and support adapted to their specific needs and preferences.

Lowmoor Nursing Home provide compassionate, specialist, 24-hour nursing care for individuals with dementia and other complex health needs. Care is overseen by an experienced nurse who have the capabilities and qualifications to thoroughly understand, address and accommodate varying healthcare conditions. Our management team oversee the day to day running of the home.

Lowmoor Nursing Home’s full clinical team includes:

  • Registered General Nurses
  • Registered Mental Health Nurses
  • Clinical Lead Specialist Nurse
  • Deputy Manager
  • Registered Manager

Home health care

Some individuals opt to receive nursing care at home with a 24/7 live-in carer. Homecare can be used as a stepping stone to transition into a nursing home facility in the future.

Hospitals and clinics

Nursing care in hospitals and clinics mostly involves receiving crucial medical support and assistance such as administering medications and monitoring a resident’s medical situation.

The Impact of Nursing Care

Nursing care has a huge impact on many people’s lives. Whether it’s assisting people with a complex care need, supporting families and friends through the care process or ensuring residents continue socialising with others.

Nursing care ensures your loved one receives compassionate care in a supportive and specialist environment whilst giving a well-deserved boost to their social life, their health and wellbeing.

Improving Resident Outcomes

Nursing care aims to improve health and wellbeing through consistent support. Residents will be dedicatedly visited throughout the day by dedicated nurses to meet the constant, evolving requirements of residents.

This person-centred approach often improves health outcomes on a short and long-term basis. By providing support with personal care, medication administration, wound care as well as monitoring progress, nursing care aims to always improve resident’s health outcomes.

Those who can benefit from nursing care:

  • Individuals who require rehabilitation support after an injury or illness
  • Those living with a complex care condition
  • People who face mental health challenges
  • People living with disabilities or mobility issues
  • People living with long-term or progressive medical issues.
  • Individuals with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Strokes and Alzheimer’s

Supporting Families and The Wider Community

Nursing care supports families in coping with the transition of a loved one into nursing care. Importantly, our nursing care team are a support network during the understandably confusing relocation process. Our compassionate team are here to answer any questions and queries you may have over this period.

Evaluating Nursing Credentials and Facilities

When searching for your perfect nursing home, residents and their loved ones often look closely at the facilities of a home.

Lowmoor Nursing Home offers a secure, gated courtyard with natural surroundings and seating for friends and family to join residents. There are 48 bedrooms across 3 units which are separated by gender and level of care required.

  • A valid nursing license
  • Specialised certifications such as long-term or elderly care may be preferable

Considering the Needs of the Resident

The first thought in nursing care is the resident. Before undertaking care, a care plan will beconducted by care management and nurses.

Nursing care aims to understand the residents’ specific needs regarding type of care and medication needed, food and drink consumption as well as any mobility issues.

Ensuring quality and safety in nursing care

Quality and safety are non-negotiables in nursing care. We ensure safety through medication management and the tailoring of care plans to meet each residents’ unique needs. Quality is maintained by regular staff training and our housekeeping team carefully maintaining the home.

How to Choose the Right Nursing Care

Choosing the right nursing home for your loved one can be a difficult task. It is important to understand and think about your loved one’s social life and mental health requirements as well as their physical care.

A visit to Lowmoor Nursing Home is a great place to start. Join us for a tour and a friendly discussion about your loved one with our care team.

For more information about nursing care in Nottinghamshire at a Lidder Care Home, call us on 01623 752288 or visit our Lowmoor page today