What Are Nursing Care Plans?

Nursing Care Plans are personalised clinical documents put together for people in nursing care designed to provide direction on the care that they need. Nursing Care Plans are important to ensure [...]

Residential Home vs Nursing Home

When you’re looking for a care home for you or your loved one it’s important to be aware of the different types of care homes and what level of care they offer as this can make your search for [...]

Residential Care Home vs Home Care

Residential care and home care each have their own advantages, here are a few reasons why you might want to choose a care home over receiving care in your own home. 24 Hour Residential Care [...]

Homegrown at Our Residential Care Home in Nottingham

In the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic there have been complications with sourcing fresh produce for care homes. Though these are now resolved, we are striving to put measures in place to [...]

What to Expect From a Specialist Nursing Home

Nursing homes provide more intensive care than residential homes and are usually for those with physical disabilities, advanced long-term conditions and patients leaving hospital who need [...]

Renovated Hair Salon at Our Residential Care Home in Nottingham

At Newgate Lodge Care Home we have an in-house salon where residents can have their hair done in the comfortable surroundings of our residential care home. We recently renovated the salon to [...]