What Are Nursing Care Plans?

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Nursing Care Plans are personalised clinical documents put together for people in nursing care designed to provide direction on the care that they need. Nursing Care Plans are important to ensure continuity of care, by communicating the needs of each person and their treatments between care staff and healthcare providers.

What is Included?

When setting up a care plan we include a lot of detail about the resident including guidance on their cognition, psychological and emotional requirements, how they communicate, their nutritional needs, continence guidance and products, mobility assistance including any mobility equipment required, medication the resident takes, any information about the resident’s sleep habits and their activity requirements such as what kind of activities they can do and what activities they would benefit from.

Following the care plan being set up we also have yearly reviews with the relatives and social workers to ensure that the care plan is up to date and an accurate reflection of the resident’s current needs. The plan is regularly updated with professional visits, relative communication, hospital letters, nurse assessments, medication changes and any other changes in the resident’s condition.

Nursing Care Home in Nottinghamshire

At Lowmoor Nursing Home our management team put together care plans for all new residents with input from relatives and social workers to ensure we know each person’s needs inside out. Using this information, we also produce a ‘Snapshot’ for each resident which summarises the information from the care plan and is kept on each unit to make the information easily accessible to care staff.

In the first 14 days at Lowmoor residents have a short-term care plan while we put together the full nursing care plan and will assess new residents during this time, carry out risk assessments, capacity assessments, mobility assessments and more to ensure that the care plan is fully comprehensive.

If you’d like to know more about how we deliver holistic nursing care, please get in touch with Lowmoor Nursing Home on 01623 752288 or email manager@lowmoorcare.com.