3 Things to Look out for when choosing the right care home

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Finding a care home for a loved one can be an emotional and difficult decision. There are many factors to take into consideration when embarking on this journey. As a relative, you often question your judgement and it is a difficult decision to make. 

It’s a decision you really want to get right. No matter your relative’s age or how frail they are, they still need stimulation and things to do. With this in mind, we understand that the family want to look for a care home that supports their relative with a routine that works. At Newgate lodge, we are interactive and proactive in learning about our new residents. The management and care staff asks you about the individuals:

  • Culture
  • Their previous life
  • Their likes and dislike
  • Who will be visiting and equally who is important to them.

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Does the Mansfield Care Home meet your needs and what type of care is provided?

If you need help with daily tasks or personal care, a residential home may be the best option. No two people are the same and their needs and demands may be vastly different. With a dementia-specific diagnosis, individuals may be at different stages and thus the level of care required is completely different. The mental demands are just as important and crucial as the physical assistance an individual may need. At Newgate Lodge:

  • There are ample disabled access provisions, for instance, railings, ramps and safety features.
  • Health staff such as chiropodists, opticians and doctors and nurses are always on hand to care for resident-specific needs.
  • Care staff are attentive and fully trained in assisting residents with hoisting and lifting and transferring from wheelchairs to beds.
  • Person-centred care is at the heart of the home, where possible we try to empower the residents and tailor the care to them. For instance, if residents are not happy with room décor and prefer wallpaper to paint, we work with them and the family to achieve something that they are happy with. There is a home-to-home philosophy.

The key is to make the overall care home experience as comfortable as possible for the resident. Here at Lidder Care, we take great pride in the level of care we offer, in both our Ashfield and Mansfield Care Homes.

What provisions are there for social activities and interaction with residents?

Staff interaction with residents is central to family consideration when looking for the right care home. In an environment where the resident is likely to spend a lot of time around the same people in the same environment, it is crucial to continue to engage the mind as if they are still independent. At Newgate Lodge, we have two in-house Activities Lifestyle Leaders. They plan a comprehensive monthly schedule for the residents and there is always something on offer for everyone. For instance, Queens Jubilee celebrations, a local school choir visit and hair and beauty treatments. We also have a special match day viewing for those residents interested in football or rugby. This is alongside daily arts and crafts sessions, bingo, reading and afternoon teas.

Social activities encourage residents to get to know those who live with them as well as the carers who provide essential care. Prospective residents and their families and friends are more than welcome to visit Newgate Lodge and see how it is run on a day-to-day basis. When visiting, you are more than welcome to speak with the home manager Laura Quince, the activities lead and observe carers with the residents.\

Are staff doing everyday things like reading, going outside and playing cards? These visits provide real insight into the care home and you will get a real feel for the Newgate Lodge family; its okay to view an activities schedule but it is only by visiting that you get a real sense of whether carers are in tune with residents and they have companionship – the interaction between residents and staff is paramount at Newgate Lodge Care Home.

What is the Newgate Lodge Policy on Visitors?

At Newgate Lodge, we welcome family and friends to visit their loved ones regularly. In fact, this is something that we actively encourage as it is central to their care.

Don’t undervalue the importance of companionship, sitting and sharing stories with your loved ones. If you used to visit them in their home and help them with jobs around the house, you can still offer continuity by helping them settle into their room, making it homely with a radio they perhaps like to listen to and watching television together. Its important residents don’t feel forgotten; bringing in a memento, a new story and or a piece of cake they like – kind of an ‘I saw this and thought of you’ gesture. These little moments can spark memories which you can share together.

Newgate Lodge Care Home is open and welcoming. It’s a joint partnership between the family, the home and the resident. We work together to provide the best possible, person-centred care to your loved one.

Ensure your loved one is in the best hands when they become a resident at our Mansfield Care home

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