What Activities are there in Care Homes?

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There are a range of activities for residents to take part in within a care home. Activities can vary from the more mentally stimulating, such as playing cards and completing jigsaw puzzles to active alternatives like singing, dancing and gardening. Activities in care homes are a great way for residents to keep mentally and physically active whilst engaging in exciting, personalised experiences.

We understand that each resident has different needs, abilities, and interests, which is why activities are person-centred and designed in line with each resident. At Lidder Care, we ensure that each resident is given the opportunity to socialise and interact with fellow residents and care staff when taking part in their daily activities.

Physical Activities

Physical activities are integral to keeping mentally and physically fit and healthy when growing older. With the opportunity to take part in a range of activities such as chair exercises and dancing, these are regularly reviewed in line with residents’ interests and health benefits. We recognise that everyone in our home has unique abilities and limitations, and we are dedicated to providing a wide range of activities that cater to all residents, regardless of their physical capabilities.

Aerobics – Aerobic exercises are rhythmic and repetitive exercises that increase heart rate and boost oxygen level. Some examples of aerobic exercises include walking and running, cycling and swimming. They can help to lower blood pressure, build stronger bones, and improve mental wellbeing. At Lidder Care, aerobics often takes the form of armchair exercises. These are easier for all residents to engage with and help to boost mental well-being.

Walking – Walking is a popular exercise in care homes due to its low intensity and versatility. Walking can take place indoors and outdoors in our attractive, secure garden. It offers numerous benefits including enhanced mobility and balance, improved social engagement whilst also helping to improve immune systems.

Dancing – Dancing is a fun and interactive way of keeping residents active. Dancing can help boost mental health. Music and dancing can be especially positive therapy for people with dementia . It has been shown to improve mood and behaviour and reduce anxiety and depression.

In addition to the above we provide carpet bowls, balloon games and mindful relaxation. Combined, these activities are designed to promote good mobility, overall health and a sense of vitality among our residents.

Cognitive and Relaxation Activities

Exercises that improve brain function are important in a care home. Activities Coordinators use a range of brain exercises such as crosswords, word searches and quizzes. Activities that promote relaxation and recuperation for our residents, such as yoga and meditation, can help with reducing stress and improving sleep quality. 

Puzzles – Games and puzzles are a great way to keep the mind active and engaged as we grow older. Challenging the brain can reduce cognitive decline. Memory improvement puzzles can help improve short and long term memory.

Yoga Yoga can help to improve physical form, increase mobility and relieve pain. Deep breathing exercises also help to relax the body and mind whilst helping support recovery from physical injury. 

Meditation – Meditation uses physical and mental techniques to help clear your mind. Alongside the calming, serene impacts of meditating, it can be beneficial towards older individuals as it improves strength, flexibility, and balance.

Creative and Recreational Activities

At Lidder Care, we ensure that our residents can continue enjoying their hobbies when they come to live with us. We provide a range of fun, creative activities that keep the mind and body active.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can provide a range of simple, creative activities for care home residents to take part in individually or in a group setting. Some examples may include knitting, painting, and preparing food items such as cakes and muffins.

Movie Nights

Movie nights allow residents to reminisce and enjoy films of their childhood. Both residents and carers enjoy film nights and are a great way to unwind and relax.

Social and Group Activities

We ensure that our residents continue socialising when they come to live in a Lidder Care home. And organising events and activities that engage our residents and carers, we also love to invite friends and family members to join us to take part, visit us for lunch or dinner or celebrate a special occasion.

To facilitate meaningful social interactions, Newgate Lodge organises a wide range of social events and activities that cater to diverse interests and preferences. These events serve as platforms for residents to come together, engage in enjoyable experiences, and form lasting friendships. 

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are a fun, interactive activity that can easily involve all residents no matter their ability. Cooking activities such as baking are tasty ways of ensuring residents feel valued when taking part in activities.

Group Games 

Fun group games such as bingo, quizzes and card games are a great way to get residents interacting with one another.  Recently, our residents have enjoyed playing board games such as Scrabble and dominos and ball games like Boccia. From themed parties and cultural celebrations to movie nights and book clubs, there is always something exciting happening at our care home that encourages residents to connect with each other. 

Tailoring Activities to Individual Needs

Activities in care homes are personalised to each residents’ hobbies and interests. Residents are given the option to take part in what they enjoy doing, whether that’s spending time out in the garden, playing board games, or going on trips. Residents are asked for feedback on activities which are then acted upon accordingly.

Personalised activities in a care home keep residents entertained and engaged, provide them with a sense of purpose, and crucially, will ensure they remain happy and valued in a Lidder Care home. 

Physical Well-being

Positive physical health can improve balance and coordination amongst older people whilst reducing the risk of diseases and improving overall health.

Mental and Emotional Health

Keeping positive mental and emotional health amongst residents in care homes is crucial as it can significantly improve their experience with us and their quality of life. We also understand the importance of spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. Our care homes have a beautiful, enclosed garden courtyard that provides a tranquil and serene setting for residents to relax and engage in gardening activities. 

Enhancing Social Interaction

Combating loneliness in care homes and ensuring that our residents interact and socialise with one another helps to fight depression and loneliness in care homes. Our residents thrive on being part of a community rather than feeling isolated at home. We place a strong emphasis on fostering social connections and creating opportunities for our residents to make new friends. 

Our activities lifestyle leads are proactive in ensuring our residents have the opportunity to go out into the community. From visiting the local shop to getting their hair done at a salon, residents feel connected and it provides social interaction, a sense of normalcy and a boost in overall well-being.

Assessing Residents Interests and Abilities

At Lidder Care Homes, each week, we curate a dynamic schedule of activities within the care home, ensuring a diverse range of options to keep our residents active, engaged, and happy. We cater to individual interests and preferences, providing a vibrant and ever-changing environment that promotes overall wellbeing. Wwe continually assess the needs and capabilities of our residents throughout their journey with us. Activities will mirror residents’ interests and abilities and can be adjusted over time.

Involving Residents in Planning

At Lidder Care, we understand that each individual is unique and has different hobbies and interests. Using our ‘This is me’ booklet, we take a holistic, individualised approach to the activities we offer. This allows our activities and wellness team to gain a deeper understanding of each resident and their preferences.

To learn more about activities and life in a Lidder Care home, speak to a member of our friendly team on 01623 622 322 or contact us today to find out more.