Care Homes vs Nursing Homes: The Key Differences 

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Choosing the right care environment is important, so let’s break down the difference between care homes and nursing homes in a way that’s both helpful and warm.

The biggest difference is that nursing homes always have nurses on hand for medical needs. Both care homes and nursing homes offer help all day and night, but nursing homes are best for those needing more frequent medical attention.

At Lidder Care, we operate both a residential care home, Newgate Lodge, and a nursing home, Lowmoor Nursing Home. Whilst we offer the same level of care, support and service at all of our homes, there are some key differences between nursing homes and care homes:

FeatureCare HomesNursing Homes
Kind of CareHelp with everyday tasks like getting dressed, eating, and staying clean.Like care homes, but also have medical care such as giving medicine and treatments.
Who Works ThereCaring staff who are trained to help with daily needs.Nurses and healthcare professionals on-site, plus staff for everyday help.
Doctor VisitsDoctors and nurses may visit for check-ups and any needed care.Have doctors and nurses on-site all the time, ready to help with any medical needs.
Best Fit ForPeople who need a little extra help with daily living, but don’t have major medical needs.People with health conditions that need regular medical attention and care.

Care Homes: A Helping Hand for Daily Living

Think of our care homes as a cosy, supportive space for folks who need a bit of extra help with their everyday routines, whether it’s due to age or health. Bathing, dressing, and getting around can become tricky, and that’s where we step in. At Lidder Care, places like Newgate Lodge focus on comfort and independence, ensuring residents feel at home.

Inside a Care Home: What to Expect

Our care homes are all about daily support and a lively atmosphere. Staff are always on hand to help with personal care, making sure everyone feels their best. But it’s not just about the essentials! We offer tons of activities, like games, outings, and movie nights, to keep things fun and engaging.

Our team is dedicated and respectful, providing the right amount of support without taking away a resident’s independence. It’s a delicate balance that we take pride in getting right.

Nursing Homes: When Extra Medical Care is Needed

Sometimes, more specialised medical attention is necessary. That’s the role of a nursing home. At Lidder Care’s Lowmoor Nursing Home, for example, qualified nurses are always present to ensure timely and proper medical care.

Nursing homes offer a similar sense of community as care homes, but with that added layer of focused medical care. They’re well-equipped for those with complex health needs or who require closer medical monitoring.

What Nursing Homes Offer

Nurses and healthcare professionals are available around the clock in our nursing homes. They handle everything from medication management to complex treatments with expertise and compassion. Our nurses work closely with doctors and specialists to tailor care plans for each resident’s unique needs.

Whether the focus is on managing a long-term condition or aiding recovery, nursing homes provide the necessary support for improved health and well-being.

Let’s Find the Right Fit for You!

We understand that choosing the right care environment is a big decision.  At Lidder Care, we’re here to guide you through the differences between care homes and nursing homes, ensuring you find the perfect place where your or your loved one’s needs are met with warmth and expertise.

residential care home patient with a nurse

Understanding the Support You Can Expect: Staff and Medical Care

The teams within care homes and nursing homes are what make all the difference, so let’s explore how they’re set up to provide the best care.

Care Homes: Focused on Daily Support and Comfort

Think of the staff in our care homes as your everyday helpers. They’re trained to assist with everything from personal care to making sure you’re comfortable and having a good time. Our goal is to promote independence– we lend a hand where needed and let you maintain control of your life.

Nursing Homes: Round-the-Clock Medical Expertise

In nursing homes, you’ll find the same caring staff as in care homes, but with the addition of qualified nurses and healthcare professionals. They’re ready 24/7 to handle medical needs, from medication to more complex care. It’s peace of mind knowing skilled support is always available.

Visiting Healthcare Professionals: Extra Support When Needed

Even in care homes, residents often receive visits from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists. This ensures everyone receives any additional medical attention they may require. It’s about comprehensive care beyond our own staff’s expertise.

Ensuring Quality Standards

Rest assured, both care homes and nursing homes in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). . They set the standard for quality care, and we’re proud to uphold those standards at Lidder Care, whether it’s at Newgate Lodge or Lowmoor Nursing Home.

Which is Right for You? A Personalised Approach

The best fit – care home or nursing home – depends entirely on the level of support  needed. It’s important to be honest about both the day-to-day and medical needs.  We recommend visiting a few homes to get a feel for the atmosphere and ask lots of questions.

Lidder Care: Tailored Support for Your Needs

We understand that this decision is personal.  At Lidder Care, we’re committed to finding the right level of care for you or your loved one. Whether it’s the supportive environment of Newgate Lodge or the focused medical attention at Lowmoor Nursing Home, we’ll ensure your needs are met with compassion and expertise.