Care Home Funding Advice

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Here, we provide valuable insights and practical advice to help you manage the costs and funding options associated with care homes. Whether you are considering a care home, nursing home, or assisted living facility, our blogs aim to simplify the decision-making process and give you peace of mind in knowing you are making informed choices.

What Are the New Rules For Care Payments?

In 2021, the government announced changes to how social care is funded in England. One of the most significant changes is a new £86,000 cap on how much anyone will pay for their own personal care [...]

Who Pays for Elderly Care?

There’s no simple answer to who pays for elderly care in the UK. It depends on the person’s individual needs and finances. Some people self-fund, using their savings or property. [...]

How much per week do care homes cost?

Choosing the right care home is a big decision, and cost is naturally a major factor. Care homes in the UK typically charge between £600 and £1200 per week, this can increase if a higher level of [...]