The Importance of Activities in Nursing Homes

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Nursing home activities are more than just passing the time.  Read this blog post to learn about the various mental and physical benefits of activities for nursing home residents and how the dedicated activities team at Lowmoor Nursing Home help residents engage in purposeful activities.

Improving Mental Wellbeing with Activities

Activities can bring a great sense of achievement to nursing home residents as well as being entertaining. That’s why at Lowmoor, we organise plenty of games, competitions, cooking/baking activities and arts and crafts activities for our residents to enjoy and feel motivated.

Promoting Physical Health with Activities

Many nursing home residents have physical care needs which can limit their physical activity. We carefully plan activities such as armchair exercises, dancing and skittles which can be adapted to each person’s abilities with the support of our activities team so everyone can get moving.

Social Activities in Nursing Homes

Some nursing home residents have severe conditions that make going outside a challenge, and during the pandemic no outings were allowed. At Lowmoor we have our in-house Lavender Tearoom and Miners Arms pub which both allow residents to engage socially in a comfortable environment that feels familiar to going outside in public.

staff and resident socialising in nursing home pub
nursing home tea room


Sensory Activities in Nursing Homes

Senses can become weakened during aging, many of the activities at Lowmoor are based around the senses including smell, touch, taste and sound. For example, we have put together chocolate tasting and guess the smells activities to help our residents engage their senses.

Reducing Loneliness During Lockdown

Being in nursing care can feel isolating from friends and family, especially over the past year when the government guidelines put a stop to nursing home visits to protect residents from COVID-19. Our activities team have worked hard to give residents something to look forward to each day.

Holistic Activities at Lowmoor Nursing Home

Each resident at Lowmoor has a ‘this is me’ booklet to help our activities team to get to know each person and tailor activities to meet the needs and preferences of our residents through looking at their history, hobbies and interests.

If you’d like more information about the activities programme at Lowmoor Nursing Home then get in touch, email or call 01623 752288.