Resident-friendly days out near our Lowmoor care home

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Activities are an essential part of nurturing a healthy care home community, they allow our residents to engage in conversations and activities they may not otherwise get the opportunity to. While we have a wide range of activities at our resident’s disposal during their stay, we also try our best to integrate them into the community where possible. 

We can appreciate that sometimes the weather is less than ideal and some of our residents may get tired easily, so we never plan activities that are too strenuous. 

Day visits out of Lowmoor Care Home

As is the case with all our care homes, we think it is important to ensure that we keep the minds of our residents engaged. Our Lowmoor Care Home is ideally located for regular day trips out into the local community, allowing them to feel like they are still contributing to society. Our Lowmoor Care Home residents have previously been out into the community to help clean up the streets with litter-picking activities as well as volunteering at the local soup kitchen in aid of the homeless. It’s important to ensure that, despite moving into assisted living, our residents are able to feel like they’re contributing to society and remaining helpful. 

Bringing the community to Lowmoor Care Home

We often also invite members/groups of the local community to Lowmoor Care Home to visit the residents. In the past, we have welcomed the likes of The Gothic biking club, who visited the home with motorbikes. Members of The British Legion also have been an excellent community source for crafting strong community links, while the local Police force has visited with riot vans, creating a real sense of occasion when they visit the home. These are all organised by our brilliant activities coordinator Jo Peckover.

Welcoming Visitors in familiar surroundings

We are also incredibly fortunate to boast facilities that make the resident’s stay at Lowmoor Care Home as comfortable as possible. Within our facilities, we have our Lavender Tearoom and our Miners Arms pub, where residents can meet up with family and friends and relax playing bar games while enjoying a drink. These surroundings not only help our residents relax but also reassure their visitors that they are being mentally stimulated as they are able to vary their surroundings. We find this helps a lot with those with us for our dementia care

Find out more about the Activities at Lowmoor Care Home

If you would like to find out more about the activities here at Lowmoor Care Home, whether for yourself or on behalf of someone else, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. A member of the Lidder Care team will be happy to assist you with your question.
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