What is Person Centred Care? A Brief Explanation…

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When looking into nursing homes for your loved ones it can be confusing to hear the different terms and types of care available to you. At Lidder Care we offer Person Centred care at our Newgate Lodge and Lowmoor Nottinghamshire Nursing Homes.

But what is Person Centred Care?

Person Centred Care Services

Person Centred Care is when nursing homes offer a service that is resident-focused. Our care homes have been designed to provide a comfortable, safe and caring environment to those who need it. 

Person-centred care refers to the philosophy of putting the individual at the heart of everything, looking at individual needs and creating a personalised care plan, rather than asking someone to follow a particular care regime that does not suit them. At Lowmoor and Newgate Lodge, a personalised care plan is achieved by taking into account their background, treating all of our residents equally and with respect.

At our Lowmoor Nursing Home and Newgate Lodge Care Home our Person Centred care services allow us to work together with the families of new residents to create a detailed care plan that tailors the support and services offered to suit a new resident’s needs. This type of care allows residents to flourish as they maintain their independence by making their own choices and managing their health whilst in a safe and caring environment that offers help where needed. Providing a personalised approach that is constantly reviewed.

How Person Centred Care Benefits Nursing Home Residents

Person centred care is a great way to support nursing home residents as they move into assisted living, allowing them to remain independent whilst accepting help where necessary. Nursing home residents can build their confidence and make informed decisions for their own health and care.

Focusing on Individual Needs

Acknowledging individual needs is an important part of person centred care, creating an understanding of their emotional and mental health needs alongside their physical needs, encouraging a feeling of safety and well-being in their new home.

Person centred care allows patients to make their own decisions and give their own input to their own care, making for a much happier placement for patients, families and caregivers.

Activities are a key element of person centred care, and at Lidder Care we provide a variety of activities to suit individual interests and abilities. At Lidder Care we are always actively providing opportunities for residents to interact with others, participate in group activities and engage in meaningful conversations.

Building Bonds through Person Centred Care

Person Centred Care involves working closely with trained professionals and family members to ensure the staff involved in your loved one’s care know what is important to them and can help to create an inclusive space that allows them to thrive in care.

Person Centred Care also allows the building of relationships between caregiver and resident, building mutual trust and respect. At Lidder Care that care is not just about meeting the physical needs of the individual but also their emotional needs. Building a strong bond requires an empathetic and compassionate approach.

Offering residents a choice in their own care also engages them more and allows them to become more interested in their own care, removing any feelings of helplessness.

Independence and Dignity in Care

Person-centred care aims to promote the individual’s independence and dignity. Moving to care can feel like you are stripping someone of their independence, however person centred care is there to help you provide your loved one with independence and dignity in a comfortable and safe environment, putting everyone’s minds at ease.

At Lidder Care we encourage residents to make choices regarding their daily routine and menu preferences. Privacy is a major aspect of independence and dignity, our carers always knock before entering a resident’s room, they respect their personal space and ensure they are adequately clothed before entering. They promote independence by encouraging residents to perform tasks they are capable of doing such as dressing themselves, brushing their teeth and combing their hair.

Whilst your loved one will be in a care facility like Lidder Care, they will be able to continue thriving and completing any activities and hobbies they enjoy, and the bond they form with their carers will allow them dignity as they enter assisted living.

Discover Person Centred Care at our Lowmoor and Newgate Lodge Nursing Homes

At Lidder Care we provide person centred care to residents at our Nottinghamshire based nursing homes, allowing care home residents to feel independent whilst offering their families peace of mind.
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