What is Residential Care

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Residential care is a type of long-term care delivered to those who are in need of extra support, often due to old age, worsening mobility or those experiencing dementia. Residential care homes provide safety, comfort and security under one roof with 24-hour care and supervision.

Residential care is suitable for elderly people who may be struggling to cope with the challenges of day-to-day life but want to maintain their independence, continue socialising and being a valued part of a community.

We strive to be a home away from home for our residents. We welcome family visits, conduct a wide range of activities with residents, serve nutritious home cooked meals and create a warm, homely environment. We understand that knowing how and when to begin searching for the right residential care home for your loved one can be a difficult task, but we are here to help.

Services provided in residential care

Residential homes offer a host of services that provide residents with the extra helping hand they require. All care and support is carried out by our qualified, dedicated care team and is performed with the utmost compassion and dignity. Time spent in residential care can be altered to cater for residents’ evolving needs with long-term and short-term care options and respite care available.

Prior to receiving residential care services, residents, their families and our care team create a person-centred care plan. Care workers will ensure that care plans are stuck to and residents are cared for to the highest quality.

The care and support that our dedicated carers provide enables our residents to focus on socialisation, establishing or enhancing their independence and their recovery and rehabilitation.

Our care professionals support your loved ones with care that enhances their daily lives such as personal care, medication management, moving in and around the home, washing, dressing and any other care services that may be required.

We understand that each resident will have different capabilities, care requirements and preferences, which is why all our care carried out is person centred and can be altered according to the residents’ healthcare needs.

Daily life in a residential care home

Life in a Lidder Care Home is the perfect balance between new, exciting adventures and calming, relatable activities. Our residents have daily routines that are created to suit each residents’ personal preferences and specific needs.

A day in a Lidder Care Home begins with a delicious home cooked breakfast. Residents are also given a variety of options from our menu to choose from. Throughout the day, residents can enjoy anything from board games and crafts to gardening and accompanied outings. Life in a residential home can be enjoyed by all, no matter a resident’s hobbies or interests.

Their day to day lives are filled with a range of fulfilling activities and events, hosted by our dedicated activities coordinators, who plan sessions with engagement and excitement in mind.

Residents can also enjoy the lighter side of life, with varying media channels available. They can listen to music from their childhood, take time to read from our range of books, relax with residents and watch television in the lounge.

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Benefits of Residential Care

Becoming a part of a residential care home has many benefits for its residents and their families. Residential care positively impacts residents in both their social life and their personal health. With residents having the worry and stress of running a home for themselves removed, they can focus on improving their health, socialising with residents, and enjoying their time in a residential care home.

Living amongst others who recognise their experiences, residents often establish new friendships and become a part of a reliable support network. Our residential care home
encourages visits from friends and family and provides a safe haven to socialise and liaise with your loved ones.

We can provide a secure environment for residents to speak with friends and family in private, if required. Our team of carers can also accompany residents to GP, optician and hospital appointments.

Becoming a valued part of a Lidder Care Home means peace of mind for family and loved ones; not only are our residents cared for with dignity and compassion by our team of dedicated staff, but their new home is carefully looked after too. Our team goes beyond compassionate carers, our residential home boasts a housekeeping and maintenance team, a team of chefs and committed activities coordinators.

Common misconceptions about residential care

There are many misconceptions about living in a residential care home that are often untrue. Some people believe that the food and drink that comes from residential care homes is basic and poor quality. In Lidder Care homes, our dedicated team of chefs serve tasty, seasonal meals that are made with fresh and nutritious produce.

Our activity coordinators ensure that residents are given the choice to partake in group activities and socialise with other residents. Residential care homes encourage residents to
interact with each other and not just sit in front of the TV.

Another misconception is that residents go to care homes at the end of their life. In fact, residential care homes offer extra support to people who are struggling to live on their own, require assistance with personal care and no longer want to have to worry about daily chores, preparing meals and housekeeping.

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Addressing family concerns and fears

Any concerns whilst considering residential care for your loved one can be addressed with our care home manager. You and your loved ones can visit the home, join us for a day and witness the positive impact residential care has on our residents’ lives.

Starting a loved one’s care journey

Beginning a loved one’s care journey can be a difficult but necessary process. Start by discussing care options with your loved one to understand their thoughts and any queries they may have. Together, you can schedule a tour around our Newgate Lodge Care Home. This visit provides an opportunity to witness our exceptional care and determine whether it is the right place for your loved one.

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