What Is The Food Like At Our Care Home In Mansfield?

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Here at Newgate Lodge, we recognise how important mealtimes are to our residents. The added structure that they give to our residents is irreplaceable. As far as nutrition goes, we are grateful to have a catering manager amongst our ranks who can advise what meals are suitable for our residents. After all, the nutritional needs of the elderly vary compared to other age groups. 

Understandably, food is a big concern for a lot of people when they’re in the process of moving into our Mansfield care home. They might be unsure about whether they’ll like the food on offer or whether their allergies will be adhered to. But they need not worry. Our specially trained, 5-star team is well equipped and capable of catering to all dietary requirements. 

So join us as we dispel any misconceptions you may have had about care home catering throughout this blog

What meal options do the residents have at Newgate Lodge?

Traditional meals are available daily for our residents. And what we mean by traditional is that they will be able to have all of the familiarity of meals they had previously, in the comfort of the Newgate Lodge. We find this helps our residents settle in faster and begin to feel at ease with their new surroundings. 


Each dining area has a ‘menu board’ displaying daily menu choices, assuring our residents that they don’t have to eat the same thing every day. Despite such variety being available, we can guarantee that all our meals are packed full of the nutrients our residents need. 


Fresh fruit and yoghurt are readily available throughout the day, meaning residents are never short of a snack when they are hungry. All ingredients used in our meals are provided by local butchers and greengrocers, so residents get a taste of the best that their local area has to offer.


Thanks to our wide range of activities on offer at Newgate Lodge, some of our residents choose to take up baking and are of course welcome to enjoy what they have made. 

When do Newgate Lodge residents eat?

With the help of our brilliant catering team, we can also offer 24-hour food service, meaning that those residents who wish to eat in the early hours can do so. This is something that we believe works well for the type of care we offer, such as dementia care and residential care.

Are you considering a place within the Newgate community for yourself or a family member?

If you believe you or a family member are no longer able to live independently, why not get in touch with us and we’ll start the process of moving! We offer a wide range of care here at Lidder Care, including respite and nursing, meaning that all of our residents feel heard and cared for.  

Now that your concerns surrounding food at our Newgate Lodge have been addressed, why not find out what a day in the life of a Newgate Lodge resident is like?